This is by no means a complete or extensive list of Community Management resources. However, it covers most of the basics, as well as several game industry specific resources. You can sort the table by name and date, as well as material type.

This list will be managed regularly, and unsorted items will be assigned as soon as possible. In the future I hope to add short summaries of each text, with discussions around key points. Nonetheless, this should be a good start.

Ideally, some of the resources should be browsed daily. It is good to get in the habit of checking announcements for industry news. Important changes often happen overnight, like platform updates and changes, and can directly affect your work.

Other listed items need only be read once. It is interesting to compare older research papers which predict future (current) trends.

Do you have something great to recommend? Have I missed an important piece of literature? Please send suggestions via the contact form.

What makes and effective community manager and why should you care?Article
How to create viral contentArticle
Ways to keep your community engagedArticle
Community Manager Vs Social Media ManagerArticle
The Community Manager’s Guide to Social Customer SupportArticlehttp://the%20community%20manager%27s%20guide%20to%20social%20customer%20support/
What the best Social Media Community Managers do in their jobsArticle
Riot’s customer service ticket botArticle
Where Real Time worlds went wrongArticle
How to build a Discord communityArticle
The ultimate guide to winning in Community ManagementArticle
Gamasutra: What is community management?Article
How to welcome and engage people in community spacesArticle
Community Management Secrets with MozArticle
Conversation prismArticle
Crafting a Discord CommunityArticle
Fundamental Laws of CommunitiesArticle
18 ways to engage usersArticle
6 ways to build a communityArticle
The four tenets of a community managerArticle
Complete guide to community managementArticle
Community Management in a nutshellArticle
The Positive Side of CommunityArticle
How to engage a community with DiscordArticle
How to bounce back from social media disasterArticle
The one question you need to ask…Article
Tips on becoming a mentorArticle
Phd in Reddit ModerationArticle
Emergentbydesign resources-for-developing-an-effective-community-management-strategy/Unassorted
The Community RountableWebsite
CMX HubWebsite
Community CanvasTool
Pixel ProspectorWebsite
The Community ManagerWebsite
Digital MarketerWebsite
Managing CommunitiesWebsite
Community .isWebsite
Social Media ExaminerWebsite
Stack ExchangeWebsite
Community PulseWebsite
Community SignalWebsite
Community SparkWebsite
User VoiceWebsite
Raph KosterBlog
Kevin IndigBlog
Ask A Game DevBlog
Rachel HappeBlog
Truely Social Blog (video)
Evan HamiltonBlog
Jessica MalnikBlog
David McMillanBlog
Connie BensenBlog
Randal OlsonBlog
Clay ShirkyBlog
Henry JenkinsBlog
Danah BoydBlog
Paul GrahamBlog
Seth GodinBlog
Mark MansonBlog
Extensive list of CM booksUnassorted
Book list 2Unassorted
Community: The Structure of Belonging PaperbackUnassorted2009
The Science of open-source community management by David EavesVideo
Community Management in the Games industryVideo
Social Media Management vs. Community ManagementVideo
DreamHack Winter 2014: Game Industry – Community management – John RickneVideo
Community managers working at Google discuss community managementVideo
Kara Sowles on the importance of community managerVideo
Gaming Community Managers speakVideo
Jono Bacon – Getting Started in Community ManagementVideo
Creating Beautiful Things With CommunitiesVideo
Jono Bacon – Keynote Linux Conference 2016 (Community Director of GitHub)Video
Ubuntu Code of ConductArticle
Keynote: The State of the Community Industry | David Spinks Video
Scaling Engagement in your Community | Gina BianchiniVideo
Douglas Atkin – Global Head of Community @ AirbnbVideo
What Developers Ought to Know About Customer ServiceVideo
Community Builders FacebookForum
CMX Hub FacebookForum
Community Managers CMX SlackForum
Reddit r/GamedevForum
Feverbee ForumForum
Community Manager HandbookArticle
The many hats of a Community ManagerInfographic
Community Manager skillsInfographic
Breakdown of Stack Overflow CommunityArticle2017
The cost of doing businessArticle2018
Game Studies JournalWebsite
Customer ServiceArticle
Tips for online engagementArticle
The Cost of GamesArticle
Riot Games Toxic CommunityArticle
Managing a CommunityArticle
Types of CommunitiesArticle
Community Manager is a Senior positionVideo
State of IndustryArticle
Strategic Community PlansArticle
Marcus Carter - Studies on GamingBlog
Managing Community ExpectationsArticle
Forum StereotypesBlog
Building Community SentimentArticle
How to get a CM JobArticle
CM CommunitiesArticle
Community Engagement TipsArticle
Community banner designArticle
Defining a CommunityArticle